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A sharing by Helen Chang for this song:

Having read the words written by Charles Wesley, it is clear to me that he was a person with an earnest desire to draw close to his God Who is holy. Not only was he careful to attend to the high calling to serve God but he was also very sensitive to take note of the possibility of his omitting to do what he should have done.

As I read the account of the background of his upbringing and how his mother had nurtured all her children to love and to fear God, I was filled with deep respect and admiration because I cannot imagine what a great challenge this dear mother had during those years! Even if I were to look at this one child of hers, I would already be greatly challenged because it is like finding a very rare and precious jewel. If I were to look around and can only find a few who would have this extraordinary quality of heart, then I must first ask myself if I have neglected to keep this same attitude too.

It is ever so easy to excuse our hearts whenever we think that we have done something out of a sincere and good intention. It is equally easy for us to think that when something is not done, it may be so out of our good intention too. Whereas according to James 4:17, whenever we neglect to do what we know is good, then to us it is sin! So personally, it is no longer a matter in not doing wrong but it is a serious matter to keep alert such that I would not neglect to do what is right to begin with.

So the secret in staying close to God Who is holy is to keep a tender conscience against the very first approach of any wandering thoughts which may distract us from being watchful against a sinful pitfall! Yes we are warned in James 1:14-15 that, ‘ But every man is tempted, when he is drawn away of his own lust, and enticed.’ So, I am responsible for keeping watch of my inner thoughts! What a principle to keep in order to guard my heart from self-deception and from sinning against God!

The more I long to be closer to God Yahweh Who is holy, the more I should keep to this principle as exemplified by this faithful servant of His!

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