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A sharing by Helen Chang on how this song came to be composed:

Because I grew up with terrible relationships at home, I used to shun the idea of talking with people as a child. But later when I heard that one needs much time and patience to communicate with others so as to build a good relationship, I didn’t try it at home as I was overseas by then. Yet later when I had to cry out to God in desperation (please see the section on Testimony), it was God Who set me free and changed me, resulting in the dramatic change in all these relationships from then on!

Since then as I aim to build a good relationship with others in God’s family, I’ve tried to communicate more with others. Yet over time I have found it less effective than when I seek God’s renewal of my mind first (Rom.12:1-2). This is because with my new mindset I would see people and relate to them in ways not of my own, thus resulting in a more harmonious outcome. Just imagine if we could have this renewed mindset whenever we meet for fellowship (communion in a general sense), how much more beautiful it would be when we share at the Lord’s table? Since it is there that our sins are declared cleansed and our bond in God is renewed, wouldn’t the Oneness in God be a closer reality? What a beauty for the world to see!

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